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Ideolity: Information Technology Consulting.
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ReValence Web Hosting Custom solutions for your business online.

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ReValence Networks Ltd. offers a set of online services—hosting web sites and databases, providing e-mail and groupware, managing domains—as well as highly customized web-based solutions, virtual private networks, application provision, co-location, rack space and consulting.

All of this is very technical stuff, but we don't expect you to know the jargon or even be able to describe what you want us to do.  No, what we want from you are your goals, business needs, timelines and options.

If you can help us understand your business, then we'll be able to recommend and put into place the appropriate technical resources and processes to support your business online.

To get there, we'll spend time with you—as much or as little as you need—to craft the optimum solution for your online assets.

Let's get started! Contact us today!