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ReValence Web Hosting Custom solutions for your business online.

We'll Give You a Boost!

Hosting your web site(s) is our most basic service.  We have a few packaged solutions--starting at $12.95 monthly--to make it easy on everyone, so you can call up and say "Neon!" and we'll know that you want plenty of online storage for lots of images or photos and a ton (1 Gigabyte) of monthly traffic.  (That's sufficiently ample for most small business web sites. If you need more, don't worry, many more gigabytes are available.)

If your web hosting needs don't fit into a packaged solution or if you just want to discuss the details, contact us and we'll put your own, unique, package together with no price penalty.

Databases, you say? Well, of course we host databases! Plain old database hosting is $12.95 per month--even less in some of our packages--and you can use your choice of database management systems: mySQL, SQL Server or Access.  (Depending on volume, the hosting cost may increase.)

Do you want to send hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of E-mails to your customers or friends?  No problem.  Use our e-marketing software or have us do it all for you.

There's more!  Let's talk servers. You can rent a server or a virtual server, install your own servers in our data center (that's called co-location), or use our Citrix application server to replace your old server.

So, if you need a little boost, contact us.  We'll help you get a leg up over the competition.